Two Cities

This is an interactive work that requires two friends living in two different cities. 
Each friend is to take a map of the other's current city and draw a route with activities. Activities may vary on simplicity from smelling a flower, to talking to a estranger to singing a song. These activities require taking photographs and if possible an additional alternative documentation like drawings, or videos.
In addition both friends are to agree on a specific location where if both cities where one, it would be the same, and meet there at a specific time, video call each other and have dinner together. 
Throughout the day neither of the friend should try to contact the other whatsoever, each must trust that the other is doing the activities and will meet them at the finish line, making that video call their first interaction of the day.
At the end of the day both maps will be merge into one, the artist will make note of any crossroads, if any, and add visual documentation on the margins of the map.
Any video or sound recording will be used for a collaborative documentary of the experience as an addition to the map.