Inspiration on intersections of Music and Art

Buchla’s Electronic Musical Instruments

The original Buchla Music Box (a.k.a. Series 100) was commissioned by electronic music pioneers Ramon Sender and Morton Subotnick. Built in 1963, the synthesizer comprised several “modular” boxes that generated and/or modified a musical event. The electronic and functional sophistication of the individual modules, coupled with the ability to connect or “patch” them together in whatever way the user fancied, gave musicians and composers enormous power to create unique, never-before-heard sounds.

LSP  (Light Sound Space)

LSP is a series of works in which Edwin van der Heide creates composed relationships between light and sound in space. By combining laser light with a thin layer of smoke it becomes possible to project in space, instead of on a surface. The work has bodily and almost tangible qualities and takes place in front, around and behind the audience. The architectural quality of light builds upon, and simultaneously intersects with, the spatial perception of sound. The resulting environment challenges the audience to choose and change their perspective while being taken by the work. It is a true sensory experience in which the work and its experience become inseparable. The LSP series has resulted both in performances and exhibited installations.

OpenEndedGroup ( Marc Downie and Paul Kaiser)

Their pioneering approach to digital art frequently combines three signature elements: non-photorealistic 3D rendering; the incorporation of body movement by motion-capture and other means; and the autonomy of artworks directed or assisted by artificial intelligence.

Over the last ten years they have worked in the broadest variety of media and venues: making art for façade, gallery, dance, stage and cinema. Their works respond to an ever-expanding range of materials — drawing, film, motion capture, photography, music, and architecture. Always in collaboration and always crossing disciplinary boundaries, they enter and exit fields without permission from, and without deference to, established disciplinary structures, finding new ways to conceive the world.