San Francisco

  • Walk from Pier 1 all the way to pier 39 (sorry), Visit the Sea Lions, watch two carefully and write a short story or poem about them, have fun.
  • Go to Girardelli and get free chocolate samples
  • Go to “Spreckels lake”, take your ukulele and play “Somewhere over the Rainbow” to the ducks or any animal you can find, try to get them to listen to you, record if you can
  • Find the 16th avenue hidden Garden Steps, take a picture of it 
  • Hit the steps from Kirkham and lawton.
  • Visit the bookstore called “The Booksmith” try to find a new book you would love to read, take a picture of the cover and write why you want to read it. Buy it if you can.
  • Go to “Billy Goat Hill Park”, Listen to your favorite Beatles album on the way, take a video of you swinging on a swing.
  • Meet me at Lake Merced.