King's cards

Chance operation system

How to set up the project:

-Set up a table at the launch area outside the apartments
-Lay down a box with colors, another box with pieces of paper, a deck shuffled cards facing down
 *Write on every card the king's rules
-Tape down a sheet of paper with the activity instructions and the king's cards rules.

-Grab a piece of paper
-Choose your favorite color
   *Your can only draw with one color
-Pick up a card and draw what it tells you to draw in the most beautiful way possible
   *Draw what you get. Don't cheat (I am watching you).
-Once you draw your picture deposit the drawing and the card into the box

King's Cards rules
A) Nose
2) Mouth
3) Facial contour (with forehead, cheeks and chin)
4) Eyes
5) Ears
6) Hair
7) Arms
8) Hands
9) Eyebrows
10) Feet
J) Torso
Q) Legs
K) Crotch
Joker) Butt

Essentially this work illustrates the constant debate and philosophy of beauty standards. Everyone drew the body part in what their ideas of beauty are, which made the ending work look like a Picasso. All types of proportions, colors and textures. Proving that Beauty and Art are in the eye of the beholder.