Inspiration for Augmented Body

Tattoo Artist Replaced his arm with a Tattoo Machine
Take JC Sheitan lost his arm 22 years ago (His dominant arm). While receiving prosthetic arms can do wonders, a prosthetic arm is no good to someone who is an aspiring tattoo artist. To pursue the career of a tattoo artist, a person must have very steady hands and be able to have range in how hard or light they press the tattoo gun against a person's skin. But of course none of this stopped Tenet, as he received the world's very first ever arm prosthetic that is part tattoo machine, as courtesy from a French artist, JL Gonzal. Gonzal said he integrated parts of a manometer and a typewriter to provide Sheitan the adeptness to make tattoos. Because of Gonzal, every tattoo Tenet creates from now on is a special one.

3D-printed wearable musical instruments
Ph.D researchers Joseph Malloch and Ian Hattwick from McGill University have created 3D-printed wearable musical instruments. The prosthetic digital instruments act as extensions of the human body, using advanced sensing technologies to transform movement into music and dance. For three years, the designers worked closely with dancers, musicians, composers and a choreographer to create the visually striking instruments. The transparent 3D printouts, illuminated from within, are equipped with articulated spines, curved visors and ribcages. Dancers play the digital instruments through movement, orientation and touch.


Sarif Industries
Sarif Industries specializes in design and manufacture of advanced mechanical augmentations for human implantation. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors by working with clients to create progressive, forward-thinking, custom augmentations that answer specific challenges and needs.