Inspirations for mapping

Analogue Art Map
In line with the idea of “creating intersections and meeting places”, has developed along the Summit, its first generative network project in collaboration with Analogue Art Map.
The idea was to give a visual and physical representation to the comments of the members of the community as well as to the delegates that where at the Summit. The result is a collaborative work that starts with the answers to the online survey “how are the arts a catalyst for change in today’s society?”, and expands to include thoughts and expectations more related to the Summit itself.

During Next Wave Festival 2010, Analogue Art Map presented an collaborative mapping project within Stranger of the Month. Visitors to the temporary mailroom at Office 10, Level 3, Nicholas Building, Melbourne, were invited to submit maps to favorite places or hidden treasure.

The Art Assignment: Meet in the middle

1) Talk to a love one
2) Mark on a map the locations of your houses
3) Find the middle point
4) Agree to meet there at an specific time without communication whatsoever, just the maps and trust that the other will be there at that time
5) Bring half of something so you can have an activity together e.g. paper & colors/ food & drinks/ half a desk of card each etc.