Interesting use of cartography in Art

Roberta Faulhaber
Roberta Faulhaber believes that mind-mapping can visually facilitate anything. "As an artist, I often do maps to help me explore where I might be going 'NEXT'. When exploring a new direction, I enjoy creating maps of moods and images around a theme"

Alison Bechdel "Fun Home"

Mary Belcher/Washington Watercolors
In the year 2000, I imagined a map showing the city’s neighborhoods in contrasting colors. Planning it required research in the Maps Room at the Library of Congress to find out how the neighborhoods developed over time. D.C. neighborhoods don’t have official boundaries; our neighborhoods are how we think of them–the boundaries are emotional and psychological. The resulting painting was “A Watercolor Map of the Neighborhoods of Washington, D.C.” It was featured on the Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival t-shirt in 2000, when the festival celebrated the city of Washington.