San Diego

  • Go to Seaport Village Park, where we went to see the San Diego Symphony play during summer and listen to “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin.
  • Go to the Contemporary Museum of Arts Downtown, enjoy the art, write down your favorite piece, tell me why you liked it.
  • Go to the waterfront park and play with the water
  • Go to University avenue treat yo’ self with a pastry
  • Write something on the “Before I die” Wall, take a selfie
  • Stand by the Pride Flag and sing somewhere over the rainbow, record yourself doing it.
  • Get to the fountain and build a paper boat with our names, let it float and take a picture of it.
  • Walk across balboa park towards the fountain listening to Paper Kites album. Say hello to every person who walks pass you.
  • Walk to the Redwoods circle, lay down looking up tot eh sky while listening to “Woodland” by Paper kites
  • Walk to the Sixth avenue Playground, spin in our favorite game.
  • Go to Balboa Park and stop by the Aromatic Garden. You can’t leave until you have smelled every single plant. Draw the plant of your favorite smell.
  • Walk to Bayside Park, Chula vista sit in our bench and listen, I will be at the lake shore of Lake Merced in San Francisco.