Art blog on event - Expression of Surrealism

"Expression of surrealism" was an art show exhibited in the Dada Bar on 65 Post St. San Francisco from February 20th through 31st. The show featured the works of 4 bay area emerging artist; Jerry Frost, Avery Palmer, Anthony Tablizo and Wesely Wright. Their work featured the intersections of surrealism, dadaism, with contemporary art. In a wise variety of drawings, paintings and sculptures of various mediums. The exhibition was curated by Robert Melton.
For this event I found specialy intriguing Wesley Wright's ceramics sculpture. This piece is presented as an abstract portrait, with a crocked face that is being manipulated with strings attached to a hand. This piece remind me of Remedios Varos's art, because it conveys a proportional realistic yet conceptually unrealistic and almost grotesque. It makes me think of whenever a person is doing or saying things for the benefits of others and not themselves, when someone is being manipulated into saying and expressing feelings that do not belong to them. It makes me wonder whether the artist meant to conveys a personal direct manipulation from someone close or maybe this is a political piece that refers to the way some people have been scared into being quiet.