Art blog on event - Programa de Produccion de arte contemporaneo "Relaciones Inesperadas"

"Programa de Produccion de arte contemporaneo: Relaciones Inesperadas" or in English "Production of contemporary arts program: Unexpected Relationships" was an art show exhibited in the CECUT (Centro de Artes Culturales Tijuana)on Paseo de los Heroes 9350, Zona Rio Urbana Tijuana, B.C., México,of March of 2017. The show featured works of emerging Mexican artists from Tijuana and SoCal, Diana Haro, Tania Kareni López, Lore Alvarez, Miguel Ramos, Alejandro Paredes, Miriam García, Camel de Milo, Javier Navarro, Valeria Osuna, Ana Pastrana,  Mariel Miranda, Jorge Francisco Sánchez Jofras, José Manuel Cruz Vázquez, Gustavo Mayoral, Midori Zúñiga, Max Corona, David Nava, Elizabeth Zamudio, Leslie García,  Marco Rodas, Ana Karina Múñoz y Noé Sandoval.  Their work featured different approaches to intimacy with intersections of expression of identity, consciousness, memories of the past and their unexpected relationships to other subjects. There was a vast variety of  video, installations, photography, sculpture, and multimedia. The exhibition was curated by Irving Domínguez.
The piece that I found the most intriguing is Midori Zúñiga's video intallation titled 'Reconocer', this piece consisted on a wooden built human size box with a peeking hole, that invited people to look into it and experience the video in a more personal and intimate manner. This video was made through google maps and it is a journey that runs along the path that the artists had to follow as a little girl crossing the border without documents with her family. The video included a voice over of the artis't memories through he path and it included English subtitles.This piece was very impacting for me because it was the first time I experienced an art that used maps as a medium and it the level of intimacy and bravery from the artist to speak up about her experience was truly admirable. This piece is a great response to the Trump's administration, a response to xenophobia and racism is not to hide but to speak up and share.