Art blog on event - SFSU MFA Thesis Exhibition

The "MFA Thesis Exhibition" was an art show exhibited in the Stillwell Gallery at the Fine Arts Building, 1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94132 from April 22th through May 13th. The show featured the works of 7 emerging artist from the SFSU MFA program; Bronwyn Dexter, Sean Healy, Joshua Solis, Laura Van Duren, Gary Christensen, Shan Jiang, and Oberon Strong. Their artworks was a culminations of a three year material and conceptual research featuring photography, video, sculpture, ceramics, and multimedia installations.
One of the pieces that stroke me the most was Bronwyn Dexter's installation. Her piece extended in a corner and of the gallery, and brought attention to it by its intense use of blackness. The piece is highly abstract and intriguing, it invites people to look at it from every angle. It contrast in texture, from fabric to latex is so beautifully grotesque and hypnotizing. In one of the walls where the fabric was installed, there where different eyes projected into it, which gives an almost discomforting sense of something looking back at you.